Return on My SIP

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SIP is the new generation way of saving, but where do we reach after 5 or 10 years, where does the 8th wonder of world “power of compounding” will get you. Try your hand with Return on SIP calculator by putting in numbers.

Goal Based Investment

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To remain driven by objectives is the name of the day, we all save but saving without knowing where you would reach is just equal to making effort for holding sand in hand. Try out investocafe’s customised calculator to come to a figure which helps you in finding the right amount you need to save monthly.

Child’s Education

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We all aspire to get our children to pursue their dreams when they grow up, to get them best of education will cost heavily. Don’t delay the decision, start planning from today by using the calculator and know what amount you need to save monthly to support them in their education without making any compromise.

Child’s Marriage

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Seeing our children getting married is one of the best feelings when they start a new journey for their life, but it comes with an expense on which no one likes to compromise. Get to know how much you need to save monthly to save the amount you need at the time of your child’s marriage.

Tax Savings Calculator

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Use the calculator to know how much tax you can save under section 80 c of income tax act.

Retire Rich

Retirement & Investment Calculator

When you retire your income stops but not your expenses, it calls for a systematic planning from today so that you need not to compromise on the life style you foresee for yourself and your spouse. A super calculator from investocafe which gives you the future value of your monthly expenses as per your current lifestyle by taking care of inflation and also tells you how much you need to save monthly so as to lead quality retirement without any compromises.