Investor Information Secrecy Policy

  1. At, We assure you complete safety and security of your personal information. When you register with INVESTOCAFE you need to fill in certain details pertaining to your personal information like email address, correspondence address, and financial information such as your bank account, PAN number or other payment details etc. These details are very much necessary for us to provide you the best investment platform online.
  2. To keep your information secure, you will be provided with Login ID & password (which investor will create online) to access or update your account at INVESTOCAFE. This information of yours will be dealt by selected employees (who are bound to keep your credentials with supreme confidentiality) for execution of your investment or redemption orders.
  3. The employees who deal with investors’ credentials are bound by official secret obligations. They are subject to strict disciplinary action, including termination of employment, and criminal prosecution, if they are found in unlawful handling or compromise with personal information related to investors.
  4. INVESTOCAFE has apt protective measures to guard against illegal or unauthorized access, disclosure and/or destruction of data. All stored information is properly encrypted and secured against unauthorized access.
  5. INVESTOCAFE’s “Investor Information Secrecy Policy” is bound by the (Indian) Information Technology Act, 2000, and complies with all its provisions.